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Marketing & Communications

Experts Bureau

Our marketing and communications staff is happy to facilitate reporter interviews with faculty and staff regarding their areas of expertise. Contact Mike Zucconi, information officer, at 540-432-4211 or with questions and for further assistance.

Amish and Mennonites

  • Kimberly D. Schmidt, professor of history and director of Washington Community Scholars’ Center
  • Nate Yoder, professor of church history, seminary


Athletics (D-III, faith-based leadership, student development, etc.)

Business for the common good

  • Jim Smucker, vice president and dean of graduate studies

Campus recycling, institutional gardening and compost systems

Children and music

Choral music and composition

Community health and sacred covenant nursing model

Congregational music

Conservation in the arts

Cross-cultural study

Culture and mission

  • Peter Dula, associate professor, Bible and religion

Early childhood and secondary education

Economic development

Environmental sustainability

Found art

New Testament

Playback theater and transformative theater

Solar energy

  • Anthony Smith, associate professor, business and economics; associate professor and co-director, MBA
  • Eldon Kurtz, director, physical plant

Spiritual formation

Women in the Bible

Youth ministry