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We are a team that strives to make the EMU experience the best it can be for everyone – students, alumni, faculty, our community, business partners, and staff.


At EMU in Lancaster, we provide innovative, partnership-based programs to meet the region's demands and economic needs. With over 30 years of experience, our alumni contribute to the healthcare, education, and air transport industries and more.


Everyone has a voice. Our team relies on one another and trust that collective experience produces better results than individual effort.

We have plenty to celebrate and like to have fun

Whether we are launching central PA’s only Aviation program or collaborating with our partners in higher education to help students maximize educational opportunities, our favorite moments remain celebrating the accomplishments of our students.

We have phenomenal people who make EMU a great place to work and learn

We work together for a greater good, in a welcoming environment that fosters innovation within a responsive culture. A positive student experience is one of our top priorities.

 John Sibole
John Sibole

Director of Aviation



Program Manager
Academic Operations

David Martin

David Martin

Associate Director
Graduate Teacher Education


Wendy Kellogg

Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist

 Rachel Babcock, Executive Assistant

Rachel Babcock

Executive Assistant

Catherine Stover
Catherine Stover

Associate Director
Marketing and Communications


 Lisa Sauder

Lisa Sauder

Associate Registrar

Troy Swinehart
Darla Shober

Business Operations Specialist

Christine Sharp

Chris Sharp

Executive Director, Lancaster

Michael Shelley
Michael Shelley

Educational Technology Analyst

Daniel Lebo

Daniel Lebo
Program Director
Leadership and Org. Management

Bernice Reynolds

Bernice Reynolds

Director of Nursing Assistant Training Competency Evaluation

Odeth Molina Huete

Odeth Molina Huete
Administrative Assistant
Certified Nursing Aide Program


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