Meet Herm

Meet Herm!

Herm, the EMU Royals’ mascot lion, was first spotted back in 1983 as he cheered on EMU athletics teams and helped the Loyal Royals in fundraising and other athletics efforts. Herm is a warm, fuzzy guy who embodies welcoming friendliness, a trait that many visitors and new students use to describe the EMU community.

Herm’s Schedule

Herm’s social schedule and public persona are managed collaboratively by EMU’s marketing and communications and athletics departments.

Herm is available for campus and community activities to share a friendly EMU presence. He loves photo ops and social media! You never know where he might show up!

Don’t forget to grab a Herm keychain or stuffed animal from the EMU bookstore. They make good presents for nieces and nephews!

Q and A with Herm

Favorite part of your job

I love interacting with people in the local community and on campus, catching up with alumni and learning to know students.

But one of the best parts of the job is taking in athletic events. I’ve been at so many great EMU games, cheering on the Royals as they scratch and claw their way to victory! The men’s and women’s basketball teams run through the NCAA championships in 2010 were super exciting. Both teams were tremendously talented and provided a ton of excitement to the Park View area!

We’ve had some amazing field hockey performances, too. Hosting ODAC Championship contests, winning conference player of the year awards and seeing our alumni come back and support our current teams is always a thrill.

Seeing how our fans enjoy fall men’s and women’s soccer games and the intensity of a final set in men’sand women’s volleyball can’t be matched.

There has been “cat-like” quickness on the track, as well. I’ve watched Adam Starks, Jeremy Webster, Gail Guengerich, Laura Rosenberger, Amanda Webster, Michelle Leaman, Michael Allen, Dan Nafziger and Hannah Chappell-Dick break records, win ODAC titles or advance to the NCAAChampionships.

Also, seeing the softball team become a perennial power and the NCAA record-breaking double that Erik Kratz hit in baseball is always a purrfect (sorry, I am a cat after all!) ending to an athletic year.

Favorite place on campus

Besides taking a cat-nap in my Royals den or the sofa in Common Grounds Coffeehouse, I love being outside between classes, especially in the arboretum, or watching the chickens behind the Science Center. Hanging out with all the “cool cats” on campus — the students — always makes me purr!

Favorite place in Harrisonburg

I love going to A Bowl of Good down the street. They planted some catnip in the back, but keep that a secret! Sometimes I head to Mr. Js too, for those day old bagels… mmmm…

Favorite movie

The Lion King

Favorite color

Royal blue

Are you close with the other Mennonite college/university mascots

Well, the Hesston Lark always swoops in from time-to-time. The Bluffton Beaver is a good guy, but he’s always with the Goshen Maple Leaf, those guys have some sort of fascination with trees! The Bethel Thresher is also pretty busy during harvest season, but overall he rocks.