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Jake Lind

EMU grad Jake Lind ’16 works with Coerver United in Northern Virginia and Maryland. One of the premier soccer skills training academies, Coerver is endorsed by some well-known sportsmen who are among the elite in the game.

Your EMU degree communicates strong ethics and values and a desire to do meaningful work. Employers say they hire EMU grads because of their respect for others, academic preparedness, and top-notch communication and critical thinking skills.

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EMU graduates are favored by grad schools, sought after by employers and prepared with skills for a lifetime. A number of factors make the difference. Learn more about how EMU shaped students for graduate and doctoral studies after EMU.

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Envision Success after School

98% of job-seeking 2015 undergraduate alumni were employed within a year of graduation.

Over the past 10 years, of students who completed EMU’s pre-professional health program:

  • 100% were accepted into physical therapy school
  • 90% were accepted into physician’s assistant programs
  • 75% were accepted into medical school

100% of spring 2016 nursing graduates were offered and accepted jobs before graduation.

Nearly 100% of education grads who seek teaching positions are employed as teachers within six months of graduation.

Grads are also highly sought-after by potential employers

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