Welcome to the Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery

Come visit us! EMU's Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery is located on the ground floor of EMU's University Commons in Room 179. With exhibits from students, alumni, and faculty and staff, the gallery is open to the public from 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Sunday-Friday.

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'Stitched in Place' | Veronica Horst, Senior

Throughout our lives, we develop deep connections to geographical spaces. Perhaps there is a coastline you feel a particular gravity towards, a city that has always felt like home, or a mountain range that fills you with a combination of heartbreak and hope. Just as we create emotional attachments to the people in our lives, we also create attachments to the places we live in and long for. I interviewed various people about places they have felt connected to throughout their lives and what emotions come up for them as they think of each place... [read more]