Student Nurses Association (SNA)

Student Nurses Association is for all Nursing majors

What We Do

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) at EMU is a group of active nursing students and faculty advisor. We as a group are dedicated to giving a voice to current and future nursing students. Weekly we meet to allow time for discussion among leaders regarding current projects and concerns. As an organization on a Christian campus we abide by the university’s policy to walk humbly with love, mercy, and kindness (Micah 6:8).

To carry out our desire to share student concerns we have established a connection with nursing faculty and are active participants in bi-weekly department meetings. With broad connections both on and off campus we are better able to serve and fulfill requests when needed.

As an organization we strive to develop future nurse leaders. By sharing leadership and working as a cohesive group of students we learn the importance of responsibility, delegation, appropriate use of power and promoting a team environment. Matters are handled in a timely manner and information is shared with the broader student community as a way to empower students to make changes when needed.


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