Biblical Languages Tracks

MDiv students are given the option of choosing between a Primary Track and an Alternate Track. Each student should carefully consider the two options with his/her advisor to determine which track best serves his/her vocational interests.

Primary Track – Greek and Hebrew

A total of 12 credit hours constitutes the biblical language requirement and consists of the following four courses:


  • BVNT 531 Elementary Greek (3 SH)
  • BVNT 541 Greek Readings (3 SH)


  • BVOT 532 Elementary Hebrew (3 SH)
  • BVOT 541 Hebrew Readings (3 SH)

Elective exegesis courses in Greek and Hebrew are normally offered as directed studies. If there are a sufficient number of students interested in an exegesis course at a given time, an exegesis course may be offered in the regular course format.

Alternate Track

The Alternate Track will replace the 12 credit hours of biblical language required in the Primary Track with four courses for 12 credit hours: BVG 511 Basics of Biblical Language, BVG 621 Interpreting the Biblical Text and two biblical book studies including an Old Testament book study and a New Testament book study. All biblical book studies will incorporate an emphasis on the language aspects of the study, encouraging students in the use of language tools and resources.

If a student in the Alternate Track chooses to take one elementary language course, the language course can be used in place of a biblical book study; or if a student takes both elementary language courses, these can be used in place of the Basics course and a biblical book study. In any case, the number of semester hours of language and biblical book studies must amount to 12 SH in addition to the other biblical studies courses required in the Nurturing the Biblical Vision MDiv core curriculum.

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