“One Light Still Shines” – Marie Monville

Marie Monville shares from her book, One Light Still Shines: My Life Beyond the Shadow of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting.

“No matter how tragic your circumstances, your life is not a tragedy. It is a love story. And in your love story, when you think all the lights have gone out, one light still shines.” – Marie Monville

This became the anthem to Marie’s life when on October 2, 2006, her then husband made a decision to hold an Amish school house hostage, forever changing life as she knew it. This is Marie’s testimony. On her darkest day, Marie simply chose to believe that HE IS. Marie ministers the truth of God’s love: it is deep enough to heal any wound, strong enough to break all bondage, and it brings life to the broken and light to those in darkness. She will inspire you to dive deep into a passionate, transformative love relationship with God.