“The Sword of the Spirit” – Larry Friedland

Larry Friedland, EMS student, leads a meditative and experiential exploration of Ephesians 6:10-17 combining the elements of theatre and mindful movement with lectio devina and interaction with physical representations of the images from the text. This is an opportunity to engage this scriptural passage in a new and interactive way.

Larry is a visiting acting and stage combat instructor for schools and universities around the valley.  He is currently on staff at Valley Dance Theatre as the Acting Instructor and technical director.  His undergraduate work took place at the Florida Sate University School of Theatre, and he has worked constantly in both community and professional theatre ever since.  Larry is a youth leader and deacon at Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church in Fishersville, VA.  He is in Training and Development for Valley Community Services Board where he works with multiple disciplines providing services to individuals experiencing mental health, intellectual, and substance abuse issues.  He is a master instructor with the Blue Ridge Crisis Intervention Team, training law enforcement officers in therapeutic de-escalation techniques.