“Cords of Distinction” Ceremony 2013

The Cords of Distinction award honors the efforts of graduating students who have made outstanding contributions to the university, community or society.

The Blue cord represents strength of conviction that one person can help to create a better institution; also willingness and openness to share thoughts and ideas.

The Gold cord represents love of spirit and yearning towards creating a better university community in which all can take part; gold is also the color of achievement.

This years recipients of the Cords of Distinction are:

Nels Åkerson, major in Biology, from Harrisonburg, VA

Michael Allen, major in Liberal Arts, from Fork Union, VA

Jossimar Diaz-Castro, major in Philosophy & Theology, from Harrisonburg, VA

Ryan Eshleman, majors in Philosophy & Theology and Biology, from Harrisonburg, Va.

Darian Harnish, majors in Accounting and Economics, from Lancaster, PA

Josh Kanagy, major in Psychology, from Harrisonburg, VA.

Julia Schmidt, major in History, from Pandora, Oh.

Hannah Schrock, major in Biology, from Iowa City, IA.

Kelley Schroder, major in Music, Education Licensure, from Leesburg, Va.

James Souder, major in Environmental Sustainability, from Harrisonburg, VA

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