“Prophetic Witness and Faith Action” – Tevyn East

Tevyn East presents “Prophetic Witness and Faith Action,” an unusual and intriguing University Colloquium. This event, together with  a one-person performance in the evening, contributes to this year’s campus theme of “Creativity in the University” while also stimulating conversation around our QEP theme of “Peace with Creation.”

Tevyn East’s performance of “Leaps and Bounds” has been a catalyzing force for the many communities across the country who have experienced it. In this colloquium presentation, Tevyn discusses the opportunities and the hurdles we confront when we try to see with new eyes. Reflecting on scripture and drawing from personal experience, she unpacks the ways that blindness and new sight function and shares stories of some communities she has encountered who possess a radical vision of what is truly important and what is possible.