“Eradicating child-slavery, advocating for children’s rights” – Jean-Robert Cadet

Peace Fellowship hosts Jean-Robert Cadet for a chapel forum.

Jean-Robert Cadet, a former Haitian child-slave, is now working to eradicate child-slavery in his native country. Jean-Robert is an advocate for children’s rights all over the world – working closely with the UN multiple times to form anti-human-trafficking policies and statements, the US Congress, the Oslo Freedom Forum as a keynote speaker, and addressed the International Department of Oxford University, Yale University, and Duke University. He has been featured on Oprah, 60-Minutes and CNN. Cadet is the author of “Restavek” and “My Stone of Hope” – books about his life as a child-slave and his current work in fighting the system he had been caught in as a child! His main focus is working towards change through education.