“Gun Violence – Fear Not, Seek Peace” – MCC East Coast

Is it possible to bring to light the realities of gun violence in the U.S. and to humanize the crisis by people telling their stories of how they have been impacted? The Gun Violence Prevention Storytelling Tour provides a time to reflect on ways that Christians in America are responding. Why this issue? We believe Jesus calls Christians to confront and expose the idolatry and violence of the gun culture in America today.

The Gun Violence Prevention Storytelling Tour, with Curtis Book and Fred Kauffman, is sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) East Coast. Curtis serves as Coordinator for Peace and Justice ministries and Fred serves as Philadelphia program coordinator for MCC East Coast. They are both deeply involved in an ongoing weekly Christian protest/presence at a Gun shop in Philadelphia that sells handguns that are used in many of the crimes in the Philadelphia region. Come find out why.

The video shown in this chapel can be viewed here.