EMU Honors Retirees, Gives Service Awards

Faculty and staff honored six colleagues who are retiring and cited 51 others for long years of service at the school’s annual recognition dinner Tuesday evening, Apr. 29.


Beryl H. Brubaker

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Beryl Brubaker

Beryl will retire at the close of this academic year after 37 years as a teaching and administrative faculty member. She has been provost since 2000, giving overall guidance to the undergraduate and graduate academic programs, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, various auxiliary programs and the Adult Degree Completion Program. She was interim EMU president for seven months in 2003 between Joseph L. Lapp and Loren Swartzendruber.

Earlier, Dr. Brubaker was vice president for enrollment, 1994-2000, and nursing department chair, 1994-2000. She joined the nursing department faculty in 1970.

Vernon E. Jantzi

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Vernon Jantzi

Vernon is retiring after 32 years, having served as a teacher and administrator, most recently in the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding and the undergraduate justice, peace and conflict studies program. A sociologist, linguist and researcher, he has led cross-cultural seminars and taught in the Summer Peacebuilding Institute and done considerable advisory work for development and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world.

Nevin J. Bender Sr.

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Nevin Bender

Nevin served the EMU community 25 years as an Associate in Servanthood after a major stroke ended his career as a pastor and social worker. As a member of the grounds crew, he has performed many of the hardest, least glamourous jobs on campus.

“Nevin’s passionate faith, intense work ethic and model of service have been an inspiration to all,” said his colleague, Will Hairston.

Helen I. Nafziger

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Helen Nafziger

Helen has been director of career services at EMU 22 years, helping generations of students to “choose, change and use a major” as they explore vocational options. She advised undeclared majors, assisted students and others on career issues, provided a library of career resources and addressed parents during campus visits, drawing from her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Patricia Hostetter (Pat) Martin

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Pat Hostetter Martin

Pat became director of the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI), a 20-course, six-week program that is part of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, after earning an MA degree in conflict transformation in 1998. Before coming to EMU, Martin worked with Mennonite Central Committee programs in Southeast Asia 18 years, including living and working in Vietnam during that conflict.

Allon H. Lefever

EMU Honors Retirees in 2008
Allon Lefever

Allon is retiring as director of the masters in business administration (MBA) program at EMU after five years to pursue several entrepreneurial interests and take on a wider leadership role with Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA). He will continue as a visiting faculty member, teaching a summer entrepreneurial course in the MBA program.

Heading the list of persons recognized for long years of service with 45 years was Lois B. Bowman, librarian of the Menno Simons Historical Library and Archives in Hartzler Library.

30-year service award:


25-year service award:

  • Lawrence M. Yoder, professor of missiology, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

20-year service awards:

  • David W. Emswiler, HVAC-plumbing assistant, physical plant;
  • C. Eldon Kurtz, director of physical plant;
  • Marie S. Morris, vice president and undergraduate academic dean;
  • Lester R. Zook, physical education and recreation department chair.

Fifteen-year service awards:

  • Gregory T. (Greg) Becker, director, auxiliary services;
  • Rachel J. Diener, director, Early Learning Center;
  • Janice L. Gerber, information office coordinator;
  • William H. (Will) Hairston, grounds supervisor;
  • Joyce C. Hedrick, disability support services coordinator;
  • Violet M. Horst, assistant professor of nursing;
  • Janice. K. Liskey, accounting manager, business manager;
  • Gloria I. Rhodes, coordinator and assistant professor, justice, peace and conflict studies department;
  • Lucinda Schlabach, office coordinator, physical education and recreation department;
  • Annie B. Thompson, custodian.

Ten years:

  • Pamela D. Arbogast, lead custodian;
  • Owen D. Byer, professor of mathematical sciences;
  • Jane Wenger Clemens, associate professor of social work;
  • Nancy R. Heisey, chair of Bible and religion department;
  • Janice (Jan) Jenner, director, Practice Institute, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding;
  • Julie M. Lake, custodian;
  • Daniel E. Marple, Jr., network systems engineer, information systems;
  • Pamela A. Rutt, assistant director, MA in education program, EMU Lancaster;
  • Lisa L. Schirch, professor of conflict studies, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding;
  • Timothy J. Swartzendruber, associate director of development.

Five years:

  • Brenda K. Beckler, head field hockey coach;
  • Brian Martin Burkholder, director of campus ministries/campus pastor;
  • Gerald W. (Kirby) Dean, head men’s basketball coach;
  • Deanna F. Durham, community learning coordinator and associate professor of sociology/social work;
  • Martha G. (Marti) Eads, professor of language and literature;
  • Julie K. Haushalter, campus pastor, Eastern Mennonite Seminary;
  • Miriam E., Hill, custodian;
  • Matthew W. (Matt) Hunsberger, Lehman Auditorium facilities technician;
  • Lisa G. Landes, assistant professor of nursing;
  • Betty R. Lee, lead custodian;
  • Bonnie Price Lofton, publications editor, marketing and communications department;
  • Kenneth L. Nafziger, vice president for student life;
  • Daniel C. Patterson, electrical/HVAC assistant;
  • Amy C. Potter, associate director, Practice Institute, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding;
  • Moira R. Rogers, professor of language and literature;
  • Priscilla R. Simmons, RN to BN program director and professor, EMU Lancaster;
  • Kathy K. Smith, program administrator, Practice Institute, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding;
  • Cynthia J. (Cindy) Smoker, office coordinator, development department;
  • John L. Spicher, chemical hygiene officer, chemistry department and anatomy lab instructor, biology department;
  • Judy F. Townsend, custodian;
  • Andrea Schrock Wenger, director of marketing and communications;
  • Alex R. Yoder, counselor, financial assistance department;
  • Laura A. Yoder, assistant professor of nursing.

Loren Swartzendruber, EMU president, also received a certificate for five years of service from Susan M. Godshall, chair of the EMU board of trustees.

Mennonite Central Committee language assistants Deicy Bermudez Hurtado and Cecibel de la Tamaris were also recognized during the ceremonies.