The EMU Difference

Many schools have online programs, some good and some not so good. Why should you consider an online degree or certificate from EMU?

You’re more than a number

Our online courses bring the feel of a small school to the online environment. Your faculty members will get to know you and you’ll get to know your classmates. Here are some of the ways we build community in our online courses

Authentic Communities of Learning

Faculty members know that learning from and with your peers is key to personal and professional growth. EMU faculty design their courses to support the creation of an authentic community that promotes deep learning, reflection and personal growth.

Interactive online learning and Zoom small groups give you an opportunity to participate, give your opinion and hear from your classmates in addition to faculty members.

Faculty who care

We know that you often choose an online program because it allows you to work toward your goals while balancing other obligations like work and family. Our faculty work with you to help you succeed.

Our faculty are passionate about their disciplines and applying their areas of expertise to make a difference in the world. 

Education for personal and professional growth

Our education recognizes that it is only one of the important things in your life. We build our classes with the understanding that balancing education with care for yourself and others is important. We teach tools for resilience and healthy balance so that you can lead and be successful in your education and in your chosen field. 

Our graduate and professional programs focus assignments on the work you are already doing, and allowing you to reflect on your work in ways that encourage growth. Our undergraduate and early enrollment programs give you skills for leadership and teamwork, as well as an introduction to academic disciplines and career options.

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