Continuing Studies Seminar in Bowen Family Systems Theory

Applying Bowen Family Systems Theory in the arenas of family, faith, community, and society. 

Synchronous online, October 2023 - May 2024

About the Program Application

Bowen theory has attracted increasing attention from faith leaders and congregants alike. People from a wide spectrum of religious traditions have become more and more interested in the contributions of systems thinking to the conduct of pastoral care and counselling, leadership in communities of faith, and even for new insights into Biblical and theological understanding. There is also growing recognition that systems thinking can help families, individuals and communities of faith make progress toward the very ideals held up by their religious traditions.

Bowen theory is grounded in biology, evolution, and neuroscience that is supported by a significant amount of research and practice conducted over the last 70 years. It offers a different way to observe and think about human relationships. Learning systems thinking is grounded on the idea that developing a deeper understanding of and effectiveness in one’s own family system propels one’s on-going development and effectiveness in other relationship systems.

The Continuing Studies Program is intended for those with some acquaintance with Bowen Theory and who welcome the opportunity to deepen their understanding and its applications. There will be monthly sessions via Zoom video conferencing from October 2023 through May 2024. These sessions will include presentations by faculty, group discussion, individual consultation with a faculty coach along with assigned reading and recorded lectures by Dr. Murray Bowen and others recognized as experts in the field.

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