Photo by: Rachel Holderman/EMU

I’ve been playing around with this poem for months. Studying in the field of peacebuilding has been the most significant step into a beautifully messy deconstruction of my life, beliefs, and emotions. The anger and frustration of this poem, I hope, will one day turn into joy and rest.

Let Me Rest

I keep hearing people wanting to return

To the new normal,

But there is no such thing as normal.

Normal maintains the pressure,

Keeps the pyramid.

I want it shaken.

I want it crumbled.

Maybe then

We’ll all find ourselves on our knees.

I want us to grieve.

I want us to feel.

Feel the dust of ruins,

Letting it sift through our fingers

Maybe some of us can feel every particle.

Deem each one as a moment of release

From illusions

Of convenience,

Of scarcity.

Let me rest!

This is not a race!

Why can’t I stop,

And dream

Of a world that moves differently?

Perhaps a little more slowly,

A little more warmly,

And a little more honestly.

Let us rest.

This is not a race.

Mariana Martinez-Hernandez is a student in the Peacebuilding and Development (PXD) program at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).