Web Exclusive: Embracing the Holy Land the EMU Way

July 17th, 2012 | 177 comments

EMU in the Middle East

EMU began sending groups of students on study-semesters in the Middle East in 1984 and has never stopped sending groups on a near-annual basis, regardless of the prevailing socio-political situation. We know of no university in North America that rivals EMU for sustained number of years in the Middle East and number of students dispatched from the United States (more than 500). In late winter 2012, staff photographer Jon Styer ’07 and freelance writer Andrew Jenner ’04 spent 10 days documenting the study and work being done by EMU students and alumni in the Middle East. Most of the photographs and some of the reporting in this section of Crossroads emerged from Styer’s and Jenner’s trip. The four stories below are exclusively online.

177 Responses to "Web Exclusive: Embracing the Holy Land the EMU Way"

  1. Congrats to Bonnie and team for creating this new way of staying current with EMU.

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    on a near-annual basis, regardless of the prevailing socio-political situation. We know of no university in North America that rivals EMU for sustained number of years in the Middle East and number of students dispatched from the United States (more than 500). In late winter 2012, staff photographer Jon Styer ’07 and freelance writer Andrew Jenner ’04 spent 10 days documenting the study and work being done by EMU students and alumni in the Middle East. Most of the photographs and some of the reporting in this section of Crossroads emerged from Styer’s and Jenner’s trip. The four stories below are exclusively online.

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    East and number of students dispatched from the United States (more than 500). In late winter 2012, staff photographer Jon Styer ’07 and freelance writer Andrew Jenner ’04 spent 10 days documenting the study and work being done by EMU students and alumni in the Middle East. Most of the photographs and some of the reporting in this section of Crossroads emerged from Styer’s and Jenner’s trip. The four stories below are exclusively online.

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  8. ing groups on a near-annual basis, regardless of the prevailing socio-political situation. We know of no university in North America that rivals EMU for sustained number of years in the Middle East and number of students dispatched from the United States (more than 500). In late winter 2012, staff photographer Jon Styer ’07 and freelance writer Andrew Jenner ’04 spent 10 days documenting the study and work being done by EMU students and alumni in the Middle East. Most of the photographs and some of the reporting i

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