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Life Service Award: Michael J. Sharp

Seven candles were lit at an April 29 memorial service in Martin Chapel: one for Michael Jesse “M.J.” Sharp ’05 and one for each of his colleagues, some like Sharp confirmed dead, others still missing, in the Kasai-Central province area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sharp was on a UN mission when he ...More

Protective Justice: Advocates for children’s wellbeing

The day a child is removed from his or her home, the Child Protective Services workers generally go to the home in twos. The second person adds emotional and physical support for an action that is often seen as painfully unjust by both children and their parents. Children’s justice is “keeping kids safe, which can ...More

Just Outcomes, LLP: Recentering justice on relationships

The headlines have faded, but the years have not dulled her grief. Now the young mother sits eye-to-eye with the driver who caused the death of her school-aged child. Their conversation doesn’t focus on forgiveness or serve to expedite some criminal process. Instead, it creates a space for two human beings to express lingering emotions ...More

From Lawlessness in Libya to CJP Studies

In Benghazi, residents have become used to falling asleep to the sound of bombs playing their deadly lullaby. This is the daily reality Najla Mangoush’s mother describes to her from the family’s home in Libya. And it is the reality Mangoush will face as she considers bringing her two school-aged daughters back to Libya when ...More

Restorative justice and talking circles: JMU embraces EMU’s teachings

Not long after he’d come out of the closet, Mark was at a party with his friends. At some point that evening, a group of guys approached Mark and told him they suspected their roommate, Joe, was also gay. They asked if Mark would be willing to talk with Joe about this. 1 Mark thought ...More