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His Healthy Balance

Retired lawyer and judge Robert “Bob” Gillette, MA ’07 (con­flict transformation) travels a triangle within Virginia these days, from his home city of Suffolk to a mountaintop ranch in Floyd County to a soon-to-be-built-upon piece of land outside Har­risonburg, just over the hill from EMU. Each place bears a legacy of be­neficence. In Suffolk, where ...More

President’s Letter: Making an Impact in the Legal Field

This Crossroads features a remarkable array of alumni and faculty, most of whom majored in one of the classic liberal arts as an undergraduate before embarking on a career path to legal work. You’ll see a range of opinions and approaches. Pennsylvania Judge Jeremiah Zook ’97, for example, explains why he believes in capital punishment, ...More

Judge Gonzalez: Setting Precedent

In 1968, he became EMU’s first Puerto Rican graduate. In 2009, he became the first Puerto Rican to serve as presiding justice of the Appellate Division, First Judicial Department with jurisdiction over Manhattan and the Bronx. In the intervening decades, Luis A. Gonzalez racked up a string of other firsts for a Puerto Rican migrant ...More

Take Their Word For It: Intellectual property law is exciting

If you saw the word “Jin-Ja,” what would come to mind? What if you saw it on a label featuring the spiky red flower of Zingiber officinale? Or what if you spoke a non-rhotic dialect of English, meaning you’d pronounce “Jin-Ja” more or less the same as you would “ginger”? And does any of this ...More

Donald E. Showalter: First EMU Grad to Earn Law Degree

The ink was hardly dry on the law diploma of Donald E. Showalter ’62 when the local court appointed him to defend a young woman accused of murder. In the end, after the jury deliberated for only 20 minutes, the woman was acquitted. “I was instantly Perry Mason,” says Showalter, referring to a lawyer on ...More

Anne Showalter: Corporate attorney in Chapel Hill, N.C.

After graduating from EMU in 1990, Anne Showalter, who majored in biology and English, spent the summer preparing for medical school at the University of Virginia (UVa) in nearby Charlottesville. Soon, however, she changed her mind. “A few weeks before medical school was supposed to start, I got cold feet,” she said. “I wanted to ...More

Angie Swartz Stephenson: Assistant Attorney General for North Carolina

Enforcing child-abuse laws and ensuring children are protected are among the daily job duties of Angie (Swartz) Stephenson ’90, an assistant attorney general for the state of North Carolina. Recently, she helped negotiate an agreement with the Mexican Consulate in her state that would, among other things, re-unite Mexican and Mexican-American children with their families ...More

For Native Americans: Preserving land, water and other rights

Not long after Dennis Glanzer ’73 married a Navajo woman and started law school at Arizona State University, he faced a family tragedy that led him to the work he does today. Glanzer’s brother-in-law was killed in car accident. His brother-in-law had lived with and supported his mother (Glanzer’s mother-in-law) during the time of his ...More

Bradford Glick: From the wilderness to theology and law

During his first decade of adult employment, Bradford Glick ’95 worked in wilderness settings, always with youths, sometimes with juvenile delinquents. During his second decade, he has studied and worked in law. The connection between the two fields? Enabling as many people as possible “to experience a life of dignity and hope,” says Glick, a ...More

Marcia Augsburger: Finds Purpose in a Different Call

In her office on the 24th floor of the Wells Fargo building in Sacramento, California, attorney Marcia L. Augsburger ’81 has earned her place as a respected healthcare litigator. Yet the daughter of evangelist, author and former EMU President Myron Augsburger ’55 and Esther Kniss Augsburger ’71, renowned for her Christian-themed art, can’t shake the ...More