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Moved by Music

Aaron Copland, 20th century American composer, shared this perspective regarding music: “The whole problem can be stated quite simply by asking, ‘Is there a meaning to music?’ My answer would be, ‘Yes.’ And ‘Can you state in so many words what the meaning is?’ My answer to that would be, ‘No.’” Many of my earliest ...More

Those Famous Mennonite Harmonies

Do They Have a Future? What makes the same hymn inspire one individual to heroism and lead another to boredom cannot be calculated. It has to do with the mysterious way in which song connects us to our past, our soul, our future, our Savior. And because God intended us to be different, our uniqueness ...More

The Doctor Is In

Katherine Goins Frewen ’01, DMA In West Hartford. Connecticut, Katherine Goins Frewen ’01 has taken her 10 years of post-graduate musical education and college-level teaching experience into a public school serving city-living teenagers. “Katie” earned a doctor of musical arts (music education) at the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s in music performance ...More

Finding Her Voice

In Selfless Fundraising MADELINE BENDER ’93 is the singer, the patron, the inspiration, for rallying members of the opera world to support the Global Family program of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). To those who follow opera, Madeline is known as leading lady Violetta in “La Traviata” with the Vancouver Opera. Or as Eurydice in the ...More

40 Years of Choraleers

ARNOLD MOSHIER ’60, one of the best-known and longest-serving choral directors in the US Mennonite world, started his adult life as a farmer. For nine years he milked cows in northern New York. But this farmer preferred producing music in church. As a teenager boarding at Eastern Mennonite High School, Moshier had studied voice and ...More

Suzuki to Electric Keys

Wanda Teague Alger ’81 When Wanda Alger lived in Harrisonburg in the 1980s, she was known for launching two very different music initiatives. In 1981, she founded the Shenandoah Valley Suzuki String program for children aged 3 to 18. Over the next seven years, her program grew six-fold, from 13 to 85 students. In 1985, ...More

Rebel to Choir Master

Hiram Hershey, class of ’50 Hiram Hershey laughs at recalling that he didn’t fit the Mennonite mold in 1941-42 when he was a student at what was then Eastern Mennonite School (EMS). Hershey had not been raised Mennonite. His ancestors on both sides of his family had left the Mennonite church in the late 1800s ...More

Studying Music the EMU Way

EMU seeks to enable as many students as possible to understand and enjoy music. Strongly interested music students prepare to be music educators, performers, church musicians, master’s and doctor’s students in music, or to pursue other music-related professions or avocations. The programs of EMU’s music department are widely known and highly respected. EMU’s curriculum offers ...More


Music Plus By the time he was a junior in high school, Michael Allen had surmounted many challenges. He had heard the boys at his first elementary-school track meet shout, “Hey, blackie – you’re going to be real slow.” And he had silenced them by coming in No. 1 in the 200 meters. (And, then, ...More


Children’s Choir “The SVCC is completely captivating and professionally poised. In truth, the childish intonations make ‘Silent Night’ shine especially brightly as a family-friendly seasonal release. Again, Director White extracts an incredibly high level of musicianship from her young charges, and the choir sings with tremendous enthusiasm and heart.” — Carol Swanson in a 2007 ...More