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New Vision for City: Harrisonburg goes for restorative ways

If one particular young man in Harrisonburg had stolen from his employer a few months earlier, he might have found himself standing before a judge, facing a possible jail sentence. Thanks to a new restorative justice program with the Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD), however, this young thief instead found himself facing his employer to talk ...More

Gathering Steam: Restorative justice in education

Three years ago, Danny Malec, MA ’05 (conflict transformation), was hired to help E.L. Haynes High School in Washington D.C. break free from the disciplinary rut of suspensions and expulsions that plague so many American schools. Now the school’s assistant principal for restorative practices, Malec and his colleagues have begun using techniques such as restorative ...More

Howard Zehr: Pioneer of restorative justice

Howard Zehr – writer, editor, speaker, educator, photographer, mentor – has made an indelible mark on the Eastern Mennonite University community and the theory and practice of justice worldwide. From his early work with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) to the publishing of Changing Lenses to his work as an educator at the Center for Justice ...More

Distinguished service award: From Vietnam, to NYC, to Lancaster, to kitchen sink

Donald Sensenig’s journey of service as a missionary, pastor, refugee advocate, interpreter and restorative justice volunteer has taken him to the Bronx in New York City, Saigon in Vietnam, barrios in Los Angeles, and refugee camps in Thailand and Honduras. Yet when Sensenig tells one of his favorite stories of victim-offender reconciliation, the setting is ...More

Restorative justice and talking circles: JMU embraces EMU’s teachings

Not long after he’d come out of the closet, Mark was at a party with his friends. At some point that evening, a group of guys approached Mark and told him they suspected their roommate, Joe, was also gay. They asked if Mark would be willing to talk with Joe about this. 1 Mark thought ...More

Vincent Harding: Close friend of MLK encourages struggle for ‘true democracy’

More than 50 years after his first visit to campus, social activist and scholar Vincent Harding returned to EMU on Feb. 26 and 27, 2014, where he urged packed audiences to engage fully in the struggle to build a real participatory democracy based on justice, equality, sustainability and spiritual fulfillment, rather than on militarism, materialism and ...More