Free Hope and Resilience

December 15th, 2020

More online ways to gather, lead and learn

We aren’t joking. If you’re overwhelmed by the new challenges of life now, you are not alone! Read the article about CJP networking and know that what is highlighted there is also available to you through your connection to EMU.

We’re not just talking about getting another degree or accessing EMU for professional development. This university is deeply invested in sharing resources, leading and learning together, and helping everyone to make their families and communities places of wellness, safety, justice and resilience.

Since the pandemic began in March, faculty and staff at EMU have developed 29 new virtual resources in response to needs they saw among their students, alumni, professional peers and others.

If you are reading this, you are already a member of the EMU community. This is true whether you earned your degree here or participated in professional training or donate to support us or are connected by marriage, birth, or work (we think of family in the broadest terms, right?).

So consider this an open invitation to join us in coming months.

Did you miss our special music gala or the Suter Science Seminar series? What about the webinar series on navigating ministry for pastors, with special topics relevant to others? This summer, a couple hundred of the EMU community joined faculty and students for a free interdisciplinary summer class on the COVID pandemic.

And we’re now live-streaming many campus events, offering new online professional trainings (such as those coming up this spring through Summer Peacebuilding Institute), and expanding webinars from our expert faculty in our graduate programs.

Did you miss out? Are you looking for new opportunities?


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