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Web Exclusive: Embracing the Holy Land the EMU Way

EMU began sending groups of students on study-semesters in the Middle East in 1984 and has never stopped sending groups on a near-annual basis, regardless of the prevailing socio-political situation. We know of no university in North America that rivals EMU for sustained number of years in the Middle East and number of students dispatched ...More

Web Exclusive: Life Is Messy, Acquiring Doubt (essay)

By Andrew Jenner ’04 Here’s a story I heard on cross-cultural: a certain Israeli man had become disturbed with the moral implications of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank as he grew older. After the Second Intifada began in 2000, the Israeli Army activated its reserves and this man – a reservist, like nearly ...More

Acquiring New Lenses

Students Ponder Faith, Justice, Lifestyle and Policy in the Middle East written by Andrew Jenner ’04 photographs by jon styer ’07 Spirits were high as the 30 EMU students on the 2012 Middle East cross-cultural marched merrily into the Judean desert. Guides had assured them of a short and easy stroll from the Mar Saba ...More

To be Green or Not to Be, That is the Question

AN ESSAY HEADLINED “A Climate-Change Activist Prepares for the Worst,” published in the Outlook section of the Washington Post one recent Sunday (Feb. 27, 2011), sparked 444 online comments before the Post closed the discussion. The essay also prompted more than 1,800 people to recommend it via Facebook. The writers of the 444 postings were ...More