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Starting where we are: Trauma-informing SPI

Barry Hart and Mikhala Lantz-Simmons will co-facilitate SPI 2016 course Strategies for Trauma-Informed Organizations. With STAR and the Summer Peacebuilding Institute, they are inviting more people, policy and structure into trauma-informing our own SPI at EMU. Following the SPI 2015 course in Strategies for Trauma-Informed Organizations, Barry and Mikhala embarked on a process to apply ...More

Peacebuilding vocation and the Mennonites’ tutelage: personal reflections on my peacebuilding trajectory anchored on a Mennonite foundation

When I registered to become a member of then Zambia Fellowship of Reconciliation (ZAFOR), I had no idea the journey would culminate into a calling — my work for peace, justice and nonviolence — 21 years later. I have grown from an ordinary youth member to a national chair and proficient peacebuilding trainer and educator. ...More

CJP people who have contributed work, ideas, to the United Nations

Howard Zehr, PhD, & Vernon Jantzi, PHD  Zehr is “distinguished professor” of restorative justice, a pioneer in international restorative justice field; author, co-author or editor of about 22 books pertaining to restorative justice Zehr’s bestselling Little Book of Restorative Justice (over 110,000 sold) was cited as a reference in Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes, published ...More

Trauma Awareness Is Key Factor in Peacebuilding

As with so many aspects of U.S. society and culture, the disaster relief community has its clear “pre-” and “post-9/11” periods. Back in the pre-days, the mentality and capabilities of organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross revolved around the physical needs of disaster victims: food, shelter and clothing. Within days of entering post-era, it ...More

Keeping Hope Alive Amid Entrenched Conflict

Four CJP faculty members were asked to comment on the poor prognoses for their region offered by some CJP alumni working for peace in the Middle East. Barry Hart, PhD, professor of trauma, identity and conflict studies, pointed to recent neuroscience suggesting that humans have an innate desire to bond and empathize with one another. ...More

In Somaliland, the Camel is King

Camels are central to Somaliland culture and sustainability issues, but it wasn’t until my third visit there that I actually saw these important creatures. I learned of their central role in Somaliland as I participated in a joint project between the University of Hargeisa (UOH) and the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite ...More

CJP faculty reflect on the EMU Attachment Conference

Following is a collection of audio interviews with CJP-affiliated professors, talking about Eastern Mennonite University’s recent Attachment Conference.  The interviews were conducted, produced, and edited by undergraduate students from a spring 2011 audio production class in EMU’s Visual and Communication Arts department.  Students asked faculty members how attachment theory might inform their teaching and practice ...More

Consultant for training/research on peace, social justice & economic empowerment

Babu Ayindo, MA ’98 Kisumu, Kenya Babu Ayindo grew up in the slums of Nairobi, where he says people experience injustice and violence daily and often wonder whether life is worth living. After finishing the BEd program at Kenyatta University, Babu became the founding artistic director of the Amani People’s Theatre in Nairobi. “It was ...More

United Nations development & reconciliation advisor

Sam Gbaydee Doe, MA ’98, PhD Colombo, Sri Lanka Fourteen years ago, Sam Gbaydee Doe came to CTP from his native land of Liberia, where about 10% of the population had died, or would die, in one of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars, from 1989 to 1996, followed by a shorter war, from 1999 to 2003. ...More

Director, practice & training institute

Janice “Jan” Jenner, MA ’99 Harrisonburg, Virginia Jan Jenner is outranked only by Howard Zehr for being the longest-serving full-time employee currently at CJP. Over the last 13 years, she has been a student, grant writer, administrator, book author, and teacher at CJP. She and her husband Hadley formerly served with Mennonite Central Committee in ...More