CJP faculty reflect on the EMU Attachment Conference

By Paulette Moore | April 11th, 2011

Paulette Moore (MA '08); Instructor at CJP & Visual and Communication Arts Dept.

Following is a collection of audio interviews with CJP-affiliated professors, talking about Eastern Mennonite University’s recent Attachment Conference.  The interviews were conducted, produced, and edited by undergraduate students from a spring 2011 audio production class in EMU’s Visual and Communication Arts department.  Students asked faculty members how attachment theory might inform their teaching and practice of peacebuilding.

Travis Duerksen’s piece on Dave Brubaker (Jordan Shetler, interviewer/producer)

Chris Stauffer’s piece on Jayne Docherty (Andrew Classen, producer)

Steve Kniss’s piece on Barry Hart (Shannon Edwards, producer)

Ellen Roth’s piece on Carl Stauffer (Debbie Vasquez, interviewer/producer)

Joel Rittenhouse’s piece on Gloria Rhodes (Cody Troyer, producer)

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