CJP faculty reflect on the EMU Attachment Conference

Paulette Moore (MA '08); Instructor at CJP & Visual and Communication Arts Dept.

Following is a collection of audio interviews with CJP-affiliated professors, talking about Eastern Mennonite University’s recent Attachment Conference. ┬áThe interviews were conducted, produced, and edited by undergraduate students from a spring 2011 audio production class in EMU’s Visual and Communication Arts department. ┬áStudents asked faculty members how attachment theory might inform their teaching and practice of peacebuilding.

Travis Duerksen’s piece on Dave Brubaker (Jordan Shetler, interviewer/producer)

Chris Stauffer’s piece on Jayne Docherty (Andrew Classen, producer)

Steve Kniss’s piece on Barry Hart (Shannon Edwards, producer)

Ellen Roth’s piece on Carl Stauffer (Debbie Vasquez, interviewer/producer)

Joel Rittenhouse’s piece on Gloria Rhodes (Cody Troyer, producer)