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Attachment Theory: Does it scale up?

I was first introduced to attachment theory last semester through a good friend and fellow student at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) who was conducting research as a graduate assistant. Her enthusiasm for the subject matter at that point was catching. At first, attachment theory seemed be the kind of theory that would ...More

Questions, Ponderings, and Dreams: Reflections on Attachment

As I have reflected on attachment theory in recent weeks, attachment seems to be adept at stirring up emotion in people. Perhaps because it gets to a core element of who were are as human beings, a core element that often puts us in a position of vulnerability and can take us back to places ...More

CJP faculty reflect on the EMU Attachment Conference

Following is a collection of audio interviews with CJP-affiliated professors, talking about Eastern Mennonite University’s recent Attachment Conference.  The interviews were conducted, produced, and edited by undergraduate students from a spring 2011 audio production class in EMU’s Visual and Communication Arts department.  Students asked faculty members how attachment theory might inform their teaching and practice ...More

Potlucks vs. Papers: Reflections on the EMU Attachment Conference

An increasing pile of evidence points to the biological imperative of attachment – not only in our early formative years, but throughout our entire lives. For some, this is revolutionary; for others, it’s old news. Throughout the gospels, Jesus makes clear the necessity of attachment, both with God and amongst ourselves – analogizing that he is the vine ...More