Makayla is the Immigration Law Program Coordinator at NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center who practices Immigration Law under the Department of Justice as a DOJ Accredited Representative. She enjoys using the tools she has learned in her master’s program as it relates to organizational leadership and how to implement that knowledge in her workplace.

In addition to representing Immigrants for their legal processes, Makayla also works at Bridge of Hope: Harrisonburg-Rockingham where she is a Case Manager providing holistic case management for families who are in risk of, or currently, experiencing homelessness.

Makayla lives in the Shenandoah Valley and enjoys being neighbors with people from all over the world. She deeply cares about her community and is committed to helping it be a more equitable, inclusive, and loving place. If Makayla isn’t working, you’ll likely find her enjoying the mountainous views and/or playing her guitar.

This profile was last updated January 12, 2022