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Oakwood Bricks Available for Christmas Gifts

Keep a piece of Oakwood residence hall alive by reserving a brick for yourself or a friend. Suggested minimum donation is $25 per brick. Read more… ...More

New, LEED-Certified Residence Hall Underway

Read more… ...More

Last Chance to Visit Oakwood Announced

share your memories Following in the steps of Joshua and his followers of Old Testament days ...More

‘Animal House’ Demise At Hand

39-Year-Old EMU Dorm’s Residents Known For Hijinks By Heather Bowser, Daily News-Record For nearly four decades, the enclave for male pranksters living in EMU’s Oakwood dorm earned the nickname “the animal house.” They stayed up late. They made noise. “They were a little harder on the furniture,” facilities personnel said. ...More

Trustees Approve Building Plans, Academic Changes

The walls will soon come tumblin’ down. Oakwood residence hall at EMU, beloved by many alumni as an enclave for male pranksters, located on the quad adjacent to Maplewood and Elmwood residences, will be demolished late August. A new 120-room residence hall will replace Oakwood with a projected budget of $6 million. The EMU board of trustees approved the building plans as ...More