Students on the fall 2022 intercultural in Peru have explored the influence of Catholicism, indigenous cultures and language, and postcolonial and sociopolitical history, among a range of other topics. Professor Kristopher Schmidt and Peruvian native Celia Vasquez led the group. Kris Schmidt also leads EMU's pre-professional health sciences experiential learning program, sponsored by CT Assist, and the MS in biomedicine intercultural to Peru each summer. (Courtesy photo)

Fall Peru intercultural experiences homestays, big cities, the Inka Trail and more

Students on Eastern Mennonite University’s fall semester intercultural to Peru explored history, culture and language, with a special focus on health and education. They have been accompanied by Professor Kristopher Schmidt, who has led multiple intercultural groups to Peru, and Celia Vasquez, an educator and Peruvian native. The group spent six weeks in Lima, followed by some free travel time, and then explorations of Arequipa and Cuzco, two cities with varied cultural histories.

For more on their experiences, tune into the Dec. 14 convocation at 10:10 a.m.. This event will be livestreamed on Facebook Live from EMU Facebook page. [You do not need a Facebook account to view.]

Student-travellers have also posted a series of travelogues and photo albums on EMU’s intercultural website.

  • Erin Clayton shares about the dramatic and surprising adjustments she made in acquiring new life and language skills since arriving in Peru and moving in with her host family.

Intercultural studies are a curricular requirement at EMU. The 30-year-old program has taken students across the United States and around the world, accompanied by faculty, and often their family members, who have usually lived and worked in the area. Learning happens through homestays, language study, field trips, regular lectures by experts, and reflective opportunities. Students always have free travel time to explore on their own. The experience is routinely mentioned among recently returned students and in alumni surveys as life-changing and transformative.

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