Vernal pool photography lands Johnson on the cover of ‘Nature Conservancy’ magazine

Professor Steven Johnson‘s groundbreaking conservation photography documenting vernal pools continues to make media waves. His photo of spotted salamander eggs is on the cover of the recent Nature Conservancy magazine. A feature article includes several of Johnson’s other photos. He was also interviewed about his background, techniques and philosophy for a feature article on PetaPixel, a photography and camera news website. 

Johnson devoted his most recent sabbatical to advance his multi-year project of photographing the ephemeral ecosystems of vernal pools, and the salamanders, copepods, and other critters that inhabit them. His work has already been featured in an e-book for the North American Nature Photography Association, the new Guide to the Salamanders of Virginia published by the Department of Wildlife Resources, The Mennonite, and “Impact: the Conservation Photography podcast.”

The Nature Conservancy magazine is the print and online publication published by the world’s leading conservation organization. It seeks to celebrate nature and document conservation efforts around the world, and boasts a print circulation of 600,000 and a website with over 1.2 million page views per month, on average.

PetaPixel, which has been sponsored by such big names in the photography world as Canon, Zeiss, and Adobe, garners 7 million page views and 4.3 million unique visitors per month.

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  1. Bravo Steven! I’m so glad to have had a chance to see this photos, as it took me back 50plus years to a course in wildlife biology where I saw salamanders in vernal pools do their thing, for the first and only time I’ve had that privilege. I’m glad you’ve introduced others to that amazing early spring fling. Anne

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