Attorney Ral Nwankwo Obioha ‘08 finds rewards in family immigration law

“There might be a million people doing what you do, but there’s only one ‘you,’” says Houston-based attorney Ral Nwankwo Obioha ‘08. “This has encouraged me to build my law practice around the qualities that make me unique as a lawyer, instead of trying to be like everyone else.”

Obioha was recently featured in a Thrive Global profile by columnist Ben Ari of Authority Magazine. The company, founded by Ariana Huffington, is focused on fostering employee wellbeing and sustainability to end the “burnout epidemic”in companies around the world.

After earning her bachelor’s degree from EMU in psychology and history, she was awarded a merit scholarship to earn a Juris Doctorate degree from Howard University School of Law. She also holds a Masters of Law in International Human Rights Law from American University.

Prior to founding her own law firm, Obioha worked in Washington D.C. with a law firm, acquiring experience while representing clients in immigration, personal injury, business, criminal appeals as well as international legal matters. In Texas, she worked with one of the largest personal injury firms in the state.

Obioha is one of seven siblings, several of whom are EMU alumni. Her late mother Theodora Oby Nwankwo was “a lawyer and a renowned international human rights advocate with the United Nations,” Obioha says in the article. “She was very passionate about human rights and used her law degree to enhance the lives of others.”

Obioha follows in her mother’s footsteps, finding inspiration and joy in her own work with families: “As a child of immigrants and a product of a close-knit family, I have a genuine passion for family immigration. When I see the smiles on my client’s faces or hear the excitement in my client’s’ voice after they’ve been reunited with their family member or received their permanent residency status, it’s all the motivation I need to keep going.”

Follow this link to learn more about Obioha’s career and her best advice for aspiring young professionals.

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  1. You inspired me today, Ral, through the story told here and accessible in the Thrive Global link. What a remarkable journey of walking with families in difficult times! And the words you used to describe your mother – “Strong, Passionate, Driven, Brilliant and Successful, yet compassionate, humble, and beautiful inside and out” – are evident in your own life and work as well. She lives on through you.

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