EMU welcomes 10 new faculty members for the 2012-13 academic year. Classes begin on Aug. 28. Photo by Jon Styer.

EMU Welcomes New Faculty for 2012-13

Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) welcomes 10 new faculty to the ranks for the 2012-13 academic year.

The new faculty, announced by Fred Kniss, provost, and Nancy Heisey, vice president and undergraduate academic dean, are:

Adriana Rojas Campbell, Instructor of Spanish

Adriana earned a BA in Latin American studies and Spanish and literature from American University and an MA in Spanish at the University of Virginia. Adriana is currently working towards her doctorate in Spanish at the University of Virginia. She brings teaching experience in all levels of Spanish language and literature.



Hailson Prabu Bose, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Prabu earned a BBA in finance and history at Wisconsin Lutheran College, an MBA at Concordia and a JD from Hamline University School of Law. In addition, Prabu earned a BSN at George Mason University and anticipates completing a MSN at Marymount University in 2012. Prabu brings business and legal experience as well as nursing experience to the department.


Timothy Emerick, Instructor of Mathematics

Tim earned a BS in mathematics at California Polytechnic State University and an MS in mathematics at the University of Virginia. Timothy is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of Virginia. Timothy brings experience in teaching mathematics at the collegiate level with a particular expertise in calculus.



David Evans, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Mission and Interfaith Studies

David earned a BA in Christian Ministries at Spring Arbor College and an master of theological studies in the history of Christianity at Wesley Theological Seminary. David has also earned a master of philosophy in historical studies at Drew University and completed a PhD in history of U.S. religion at Drew. David brings pastoral experience as well as having served as a community development resource coordinator with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).


Julia Halterman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biomedicine

Julia earned a BS in biology at Texas A&M University and an MS in biological and physical sciences at the University of Virginia. Julie completed her PhD in pharmacology at the University of Virginia. Julia brings experience in molecular biology concepts and laboratory techniques as well as in teaching and mentoring students.



Judith Hiett, Instructor of Nursing

Judith earned a BS in nursing at EMU and an MSN in nursing education at James Madison University. Judith brings extensive staff nursing experience to the nursing department as well as teaching experience in the clinical collegiate classroom.



Andrew Miller, Instructor of Business and Economics

Andrew (Andy) earned a BA in international agriculture from EMU and an MS in agricultural economics from Iowa State University. Andy also completed an MDiv from Eastern Mennonite Seminary and previously served as a faculty member in the EMU business and economics department while completing his seminary degree. Andy also served on the campus ministries team during his time at EMU and EMS. Andy brings experience as an MCC administrator having recently served as the Southeast Asia area co-representative.

Marcia Benner-Pusey, Instructor of Nursing

Marcia earned her BS in nursing at EMU and an MS in nursing at the University of Virginia. Marcia brings nursing experience both in psychiatric and critical care in the hospital setting. Marcia has served as an adjunct instructor in EMU’s nursing department.

Ann Schaeffer, Instructor of Nursing

Ann earned a BA in psychology at JMU and an MEd in counseling psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition, Ann earned a BSN at the University of Virginia and recently completed an MSN at Frontier Nursing University. Ann also is a certified nurse-midwife in midwifery and family nursing. Ann brings experience as an adjunct instructor in EMU’s nursing department.


 John Wallbaum, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

John earned a BS in mathematics at Wheaton College and an MS and PhD in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame. John brings mathematical teaching experience on the collegiate level and a research interest in mathematical logic.



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  1. Andrew Miller now on the EMU teaching faculty??? Isn’t he the same guy whom I captured (on film, not digitally) at commencement some years ago wearing a specially-fashioned graduation cap that may have measured upwards to five feet across? That’s one way to get your picture in the paper, in this case, the DN-R and the Mennonite Weekly Review! But who am I to talk? My alma mater actually invited me to return to campus (in 1971) and I ended up working there 40 years (the Lord moves in mysterious ways). The important thing is: I hope Andy still has that grad getup and wears it for the opening convocation processional on Wednesday.

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