EMU Student Injured Early Friday

Early Friday morning, April 13, a prank orchestrated by a group of EMU students turned tragic when a student fell off the roof of the three-story Oakwood residence hall.

Michael Wiebe-Johnson, 19, a first-year student from Elkhart, Ind., was injured while the group was attempting to place a stuffed American bison from the university’s Suter Science Center lobby on the dorm roof.

He was transported by helicopter to University of Virginia (UVa.) Medical Center approximately 6:25 a.m.

“This is an example where a non-malicious prank went awry,” said Ken L. Nafziger, vice president of student life. “We cannot comment now on the student’s condition, but we have been in touch with his parents, Steve and Dorothy Wiebe-Johnson.”

“Our immediate concern is to have the campus community in prayer for Michael