EMU Annual Gifts Set New Record

EMU has received $5,111,510 in total contributions for the 2006-2007 fiscal year ending June 30.

Kirk L. Shisler, vice president for advancement, reported that contributions of $1,764,000 to the University Fund set a new record, surpassing the 2006 annual fund total of $1,733,000 by nearly two percent. The University Fund supports student financial aid, funds for Eastern Mennonite Seminary and other program budgets as well as the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP), Shisler noted.

Support for EMU’s undergraduate and graduate programs included $751,000 in endowment contributions and $2,599,210 in restricted grants and contributions. Included in the above totals was $220,000 in bequests and deferred gifts, Shisler noted.

“With the exception of 2006 in which several rather large endowment gifts were received, this was one of our strongest years in terms of endowment giving,” Shisler added.

CJP and Seminary Generate Large Gifts

Several of the larger gifts EMU received in 2006-07 were designated for The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding and for Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

The Fulbright Program and Church World Service provided grants of $357,000 and $251,000, respectively, for scholarships and special projects of CJP.

Meanwhile, EMU’s seminary benefited from a gift of $208,000 from an individual donor to provide scholarship support to seminary students.

Alumni Continue to Give

According to Shisler, an area of continued emphasis is alumni giving.

“For several years now, the average total giving of alumni to the University Fund has increased quite steadily,” he noted. “In 2006-07, for example, average giving rose from $413 to $473, an increase of 14.5.

“However, we continue to address overall alumni participation in giving, which is currently around 30%,” Shisler said, adding: “We believe that participation will increase as we engage alumni more actively in the life of the institution.”

Included in the giving totals are contributions of $121,000 from 165 EMU faculty and staff who supported the university’s annual fund and other programs during the year.

“EMU is blessed with the support of many alumni and friends who care deeply about our mission,” said President Loren Swartzendruber. “Our intent is to be good stewards of the investments donors make toward the education of our students. In addition to significant financial support, we value the prayers of God’s people on our behalf.”