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Web Exclusive: Cross-Cultural as a Career

David Landis ’04 grew up hearing stories about the Middle East. His dad, Steve Landis ’77, had gone on EMU’s very first cross-cultural to the region in 1975, and from the time David arrived on campus as a student himself, he knew he wanted to go too. The wish came true in the fall of ...More

Web Exclusive: Risk-Taking: A Metaphor For Faith And Life

Linford and Janet Stutzman reflect on more than a decade of changing students’ lives on the Middle East cross-culturals… Tension between Israelis and Palestinians was quickly escalating when Linford Stutzman ’84 (Seminary ’90) traveled to the Middle East in the summer of 2000 to prepare for his first turn leading EMU’s cross-cultural to the region. ...More

Six Take-Aways from Their Middle East Sojourns

After conducting interviews with current students in the Middle East in February 2012, reporter Andrew Jenner ’04 contacted alumni from earlier EMU-sponsored trips to the region. In comparing the responses of current and former students, Jenner found that the “lessons” assimilated during this cross-cultural do deeply influence them, likely for rest of their lives. Of ...More