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Full-time mother, part-time consultant

Emily Stanton, MA ’00 Belfast, Northern Ireland Emily Stanton met Hedley Abernathy – the man who became her husband and then a fellow graduate of CJP – while both were trying to help young people in Northern Ireland to embrace alternatives to violence. Emily, an American, was the first of the two to plunge into ...More

A Brief History of “The Troubles”

Since I should not assume that everyone here is informed about the nature of the conflict in Northern Ireland, I will give you a quick history lesson. Centuries ago Ireland came under the control of England. As part of that process, large numbers of English and Scottish people were encouraged to settle in the north of Ireland. While most ...More

Ending 30 Years of Mayhem: Lessons from Northern Ireland

To all who watch CNN, BBC, Al- Jazeera, or some other news outlet and feel hopeless at the end of many broadcasts, read on. To those peace workers around the world in the often-dangerous role of advocating non-violent conflict transformation…. often among groups of people certain that their fight is worth trauma and death… who ...More

Peace After Prison

Martin Snoddon served 16 years in the Maze Prison outside Belfast for his activities as a member of the Ulster Volunteer Forces before he was released under judicial supervision in 1990. “EMU was a resource for me as I wrestled with the legacy of violent conflict,” says Snoddon, who came with a Mediation Northern Ireland group ...More

Joe Campbell Shifts To Nepal’s Conflict

A year ago, the BBC documentary series “Distant Horizons” explored why Joe Campbell left Northern Ireland in 2006 for an extended period instead of enjoying the relative calm and prosperity of his native country, conditions for which he had labored for many decades. “Joe Campbell could have put his feet up when he turned 60 ...More

Twenty-One Lessons from Northern Ireland

In researching and writing this issue on Northern Ireland, I saw recurring themes, which I have summarized as 21 lessons. –Bonnie Price Lofton, ed. Relatively few people can have a huge ripple effect in enabling a society to solve its conflicts non-violently. In the early 1980s, Northern Ireland probably contained no more than 50 people wholly dedicated ...More