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Babu Ayindo

As a storyteller, teacher, facilitator, researcher, and writer, Babu Joseph Ayindo has over two decades of experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of conflict transformation and peacebuilding processes and programs with various agencies in different parts of the world. He has taught short courses in arts-based approaches to peace work in seven peacebuilding institutes in Africa, ...More

Is SPI Still Needed? Two Africans Respond

The spring/summer 2014 issue of Peacebuilder focused on EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute at its 20th anniversary year. With the proliferation of peacebuilding institutes and workshops in Africa and elsewhere, is SPI still needed? In separate interviews, two Africans – one from Kenya and the other from Mozambique – answered “yes.” In 1996, Babu Ayindo traveled ...More

Earliest CJP Students Prize the ‘Lens’ They Acquired

Who would come from half-way around the world to enroll in a program at Eastern Mennonite University that was so new, no college catalog listed it? Sam Gbaydee Doe did. From Liberia. Initially, the plump squirrels running around campus dismayed him: They could be food for very hungry people in his war-torn homeland. He himself ...More

Consultant for training/research on peace, social justice & economic empowerment

Babu Ayindo, MA ’98 Kisumu, Kenya Babu Ayindo grew up in the slums of Nairobi, where he says people experience injustice and violence daily and often wonder whether life is worth living. After finishing the BEd program at Kenyatta University, Babu became the founding artistic director of the Amani People’s Theatre in Nairobi. “It was ...More

From Self And Community To Systems

Mental health worker – Professor – Schoolteacher – Full-time parent – Mediator – Lawyer – PhD student Administrator – Writer – Consultant – Newspaper editor – Hospital staffer – UN official – Computer engineer – Grandmother – Priest The post-EMU paths followed by CJP’s 36 earliest graduates are as diverse as the 10 countries in ...More

Lingering Impressions

Of CJP’s First Graduates 1. More impact than they foresaw In the booklet When You Are the Peacebuilder, published just nine years ago [2001], the three authors – then all fresh graduates from CJP – wrote: “Most of us – including the authors – will never be famous. We’ll not work at the UN, or ...More

CJP People Took Action

EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) has more MA graduates in conflict transformation in Kenya than in any other country of the world, except the United States. Thirteen graduate-level alumni or professors are based in Kenya. Our Summer Peacebuilding Institute has hosted 50 people from Kenya, including Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, one of six named ...More