“The Climate’s Changing…So Why Aren’t We?” with Todd Wynward

A perfect storm of ecological crisis and economic inequity is brewing…and North American Christians remain blissfully inactive, happily addicted to the comforts of consumerism and baubles of technology. How has Christianity become so tame, and what can we do to break free? What kind of earth-honoring, empire-defying, despair-crushing, place-based discipleship must we embody to respond to today’s challenges and opportunities? Wynward suggests we learn to “walk the Watershed Way,” and help create a covenanted lifeway exploration movement that could revitalize Anabaptist communities across North America.

Each year at Eastern Mennonite University, dozens of expert scientists visit campus to share their insights. Some focus on their cutting-edge research and work in the field, and some share perspectives on social reform and sustainability in the context of science. See more at: www.emu.edu/science-seminars.

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