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  1. It has been wonderful to study abroad program with the Eastern Mennonite University. The cross cultural interactiveness of people allover the world, uniting to restore peace and justice, to make a difference with all the trauma that belittled the world a decade ago has been wonderful. the awareness of who people are and the way forward was what is amazing during my stay in the campus this pass week. The hospitality of the administration from kids to adult and the world net of all in the space bring more hope to the feature.
    It give me the joy of “where your legs go to bring forth a healing of on another”. and how it could be healing to remain healed, as you move on with day to day activities.
    Many thanks goes to the organizers. the time taken to do and to recognize the need for the programs that are so spiritual touching and making a difference. Just creating new circles of friends who look forward to making a difference in honest sense is very important.
    May god Bless

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