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Students, Faculty Work Together on Cutting-Edge Research

For most majors, EMU offers smaller classes that provide much opportunity for close student-faculty interaction and mentoring. In addition, many majors include opportunities for internships, where students apply classroom learning to “real world” settings. Beyond this, a number of students majoring in the sciences, particularly biology or ...More

Breast Cancer Research is Science Seminar Topic

Breast cancer will afflict one of every eight American women in her lifetime. A pharmacologist doing cutting-edge research on separating normal and cancer cells will discuss her work in this area at the second Suter Science Seminar of fall semester. ...More

Seminary Prof to Scrutinize Pastoral ‘Excellence’

What makes an excellent pastor: Long hours on the job? A significant prayer life? A special way with people? What about educational preparation? An in-depth knowledge of Scripture? A new research project that ...More