Poet Kate Baer (right) shares her experiences at Writers Read on Saturday, while EMU English Professor Kirsten Beachy looks on.

Kate Baer ’07 blends humor, poetry at Writers Read

Kate Baer ’07 took the Lehman Auditorium stage on Saturday night to read from her collection of poems, answer questions from the crowd and dispense life and writing advice, all while showcasing her razor-sharp wit. Her stop at EMU coincided with a book tour promoting her latest collection of poetry, “And Yet: Poems,” which was released in November. 

The three-time New York Times-bestselling author joked about her start as a second-grade poet: “Lots of poems about dead cats. Gosh, it’s hard to live in the country by a road.”

She clued people in on a beloved writing location: “I do miss Panera. There’s lots to see. I used to sit by the beverage dispenser. Lots of conversations to listen to. You would not believe how many people fill up a cup of hibiscus tea and drop it on the ground.”

And she also told moderator and English professor Kirsten Beachy about some of her favorite memories while at EMU. For instance, the smell inside the Campus Center is one she’s never forgotten, she admitted.

“I always credit this place with completely changing my worldview,” Baer said. “I went to the Middle East, and just being able to see so much outside myself and how so many different people live… I’m grateful for that.”

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A recording of the event can be viewed on the EMU Facebook page.

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