In the News: EMU professor Gaurav Pathania published in Boston Globe, interviewed by PBS

Gaurav J. Pathania, professor of sociology and peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, has been published in The Boston Globe and interviewed by PBS NewsHour for his activism and expertise regarding caste systems and discrimination. 

Both his article and interview speak to the February milestone of Seattle becoming the first US city to ban caste discrimination, with the ordinance passing by large majority in the City Council. More recently, the Toronto District School Board became the first in Canada to recognize caste-based discrimination.

“The caste system, with its origins in India and other South Asian nations, is a complex, rigid, and hierarchical structure of privilege based on birth,” writes Pathania in his article. “Caste should not be part of the ‘American Dream.’” Read the full article to learn more about caste systems.

Pathania also writes, “The caste system is a disease, it’s an evil, it’s anti-civil. Schools, universities and workplaces should be aware of this global problem.”

Pathania, alongside teaching at EMU, runs a Global Initiative for Equity and Justice and collaborates with anti-caste, race, and feminist scholars working in the area of higher education and social justice. He also moderates the website and is part of the Ambedkar International Center’s Authors’ Lab, mentoring emerging scholars in the area of caste and social justice.

Discussion on “In the News: EMU professor Gaurav Pathania published in Boston Globe, interviewed by PBS

  1. Thank you, Professor Pathania, for explaining the issue of castism in the South Asian diaspora in the U.S. Your advocacy work is so important, and your caring attitude is infectious at EMU. Thank you for your influence!

  2. Would be interesting to hear Prof Psthania’s take on the caste system in the United States as described by Isabel Wilkerson.

  3. So thoroughly explained by Dr. Pathania. Such a great great initiative by the Seattle government. I hope this will go a long way in inspiring the govt of india and its states to undertake the same here, where it seems that caste and caste-based discrimination is ingrained in the psyche of entire populace. In hindi we say “Jaati nahi jaati” i.e. caste never goes away.

  4. Thank you, Prof. Pathania for taking this initiative on explaining the caste issue.
    As part of AIC, a community organization I convey my best wishes to EM University and its staff for supporting scholars and research on caste!

  5. “Acknowledging the caste system as disease and evil” in American society is a commendable step taken to prevent further. Thank you, Dr. Pathania, for raising a significant issue internationally. Thanks for your contribution at EMU.

  6. Dr Pathania thanks for explaining caste issue very well. Most the the people specially from the western side of world don’t understand this complication. This definitely will help.

  7. Thank you, Dr. Pathania for raising the caste issue internationally. Thanks EMU for producing such a great scholar.

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