Eastern Mennonite University Board of Trustees member Cedric Moore '97 is CEO of Spectrum Transformation Group. He holds a doctorate in strategic leadership, in addition to an MBA and a BA in social work. (Photo by KHurst/VACEO)

Virginia Council of CEOs profiles Cedric Moore ’97, CEO of Spectrum Transformation Group

“I’m a kid that grew up in the north side of Richmond, one of the toughest parts of Richmond when I was growing up. And it was my community, which helped shape me, to help me become who I am today and who I continue to try to aspire to be.”

Cedric Moore PhD, a 1997 graduate of Eastern Mennonite University and a member of the university’s board of trustees, talks about his business, social work, challenges facing minority business leaders, and his membership with Virginia Council of CEOs in a September 28, 2021, profile by the organization.

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Virginia Council of CEOs is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating business leaders’ growth, professional and personal. Our members include top executives from across the state who commit to helping each other succeed.

Moore earned his BA in social work at EMU, and an MBA and doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University. He launched Spectrum Transformation Group in 2021 and served the company as its CEO.

It is the first organization licensed in Virginia as an intensive outpatient Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service. 

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  1. Dr. Moore! So proud of who you are and what you’ve done. Congrats and cannot wait to see what you’re going to do next and how you will continue to change seven more lives for the better. I remember playing basketball with you on the EMU squad-you had a great sense of humor! All the best!

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