EMU shares hopes for 2021

In her spring 2021 convocation address, “The Call of the Magi: Find a New Path”, President Susan Schultz Huxman ended by urging us to find a new path and create new ways to “find home.”

We invited the campus community, students, faculty and staff, to respond to the question: What is your greatest hope for 2021? The responses encourage and inspire us all to work for our hopes this year. 

View our community responses.

Share your own hopes for 2021 in the comment box below. Please include your connection to EMU: for example, parent, grandparent, fan! If you are a graduate of EMU, please include your grad year.

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  1. My hope is for the end of the Covid-19 crisis. I also hope for peace in our land, and especially hope for love and respect among Christians.

  2. The COVID epidemic seems almost like a metaphor for the epidemic of lies and lack of respect for each other that has sickened our society. As I get immunized against COVID 19, my hope is for leaders, especially Christians, to speak humbly, courageously, and lovingly for truth and justice this coming year, so that we can begin to heal socially.

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