Royals set new high with 118 ODAC All-Academic honorees

EMU’s student-athletes made a major mark this year in their role as students, as the Royals broke their record for Old Dominion Athletic Conference All-Academic Team honorees. Eastern Mennonite put 118 men and women on the team for the 2019-20 academic year.

The Royals’ total of 118 easily surpasses last year’s 106, which had been the high mark. After eclipsing triple digits for the first time in 2015-16, Eastern Mennonite has now had at least 100 honorees four out of the past five seasons. 

Eligibility for the ODAC All-Academic Team is open to any student-athlete that competes in a conference-sponsored sport, regardless of academic class. He or she must achieve at least a 3.25 grade point average for the year to be considered for an ODAC All-Academic Award.

EMU was represented on the team by 16 of its ODAC-sponsored sports. Men’s volleyball competes in the Continental Volleyball Conference which fields its own academic team.

A total of 2,646 student-athletes earned a spot on the 2019-20 ODAC All-Academic Team, the highest total ever, breaking the previous record of 2,120 honorees from last year. Of the league’s 15 full-time members, 12 had at least 100 honorees.

The entire list of Royals named to the ODAC All-Academic Team is listed below. Click here to see the full release from the ODAC for the All-Academic Team.

Tyler Bagent – Baseball
Bailey Hall – Baseball
Colin Jones – Baseball
Logan Jones – Baseball
John Judy – Baseball
Skylar Lacks – Baseball
Jonathan Nagle – Baseball
Justin Parrish – Baseball
Gage Riddick – Baseball
Blake Schaar – Baseball
Forrest Shuey – Baseball
Clay Stopha – Baseball
Nate Tomlin – Baseball
Ray Tricarico – Baseball
DJ Williams – Baseball
Rachel Breslin – Field Hockey
Clover Cooper – Field Hockey
Lauren Hartzler – Field Hockey
Madeline Mast – Field Hockey
Bri Miller – Field Hockey
Keely Mitchell – Field Hockey
Skylar Hedgepeth – Field Hockey | Women’s Lacrosse
Morgan Tricarico – Field Hockey | Women’s Lacrosse
Tim Jones – Men’s Basketball
Chris Simmons – Men’s Basketball
Isaac Alderfer – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Justice Allen – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Isaac Andreas – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Seth Andreas – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Caleb Hostetler – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Clayton Kauffman – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Collin Longenecker – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Jansen Miller – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Andrew Nord – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Charlie Thornton – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Nate Yoder – Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Justin Odom – Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Jonas Beachy – Men’s Soccer
Micah Buckwalter – Men’s Soccer
Andy Chappell Deckert – Men’s Soccer
Jamie Corzo – Men’s Soccer
Ethan McGee – Men’s Soccer
Gabe Nafziger – Men’s Soccer
Zack Newton – Men’s Soccer
Caleb Oakes – Men’s Soccer
Dallas Organek – Men’s Soccer
Cole Ours – Men’s Soccer
Nati Seifu – Men’s Soccer
Nik Tucker – Men’s Soccer
Mathew Zimmerman – Men’s Soccer
Becca Boone – Softball
Emily Campbell – Softball
Cassidey Chrisman – Softball
Cortney Cochran – Softball
Rebecca Crothers – Softball
Courtney Hall – Softball
Korenn Paige – Softball
Rayn Robinson – Softball
Emma West – Softball
Lexi Deffenbaugh – Women’s Basketball
Chrissy Delawder – Women’s Basketball
Anya Kauffman – Women’s Basketball
Emily McCombs – Women’s Basketball
Chyna Roberts – Women’s Basketball
May Wadman – Women’s Basketball
Katie Johnson – Women’s Basketball | Lacrosse
Mim Beck – Women’s Cross Country
Lydia Chappell Deckert – Women’s Cross Country
Megan Good – Women’s Cross Country
Emma Hoover – Women’s Cross Country
Leah Lapp – Women’s Cross Country
Elizabeth Nisly – Women’s Cross Country
Abigail Shelly – Women’s Cross Country
Savannah Bontrager – Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Elizabeth Miller – Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Allison Shelly – Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Olyvia Longacre – Women’s Golf
Cindi Boyer – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Skylar Coffey – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Emma Hochstetler – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Jordan Jones – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Aaliyah Lawhorne – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Joy Parakuo – Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Cindy Argueta-Rivas – Women’s Lacrosse
Mykenzie Davis – Women’s Lacrosse
Briana Garcia-Sanchez – Women’s Lacrosse
Kenzie Gardner – Women’s Lacrosse
Nicole Miller – Women’s Lacrosse
Jaida Sainvilus – Women’s Lacrosse
Ashlyn Eby – Women’s Lacrosse | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Ariel Barbosa – Women’s Soccer
Haley Barnes – Women’s Soccer
Alyssa Breidigan – Women’s Soccer
Megan Breidigan – Women’s Soccer
Lily Dodson – Women’s Soccer
Emily Hostetler – Women’s Soccer
Leigh Lumsden – Women’s Soccer
Ravyn Mongold – Women’s Soccer
Lindy Newcomb – Women’s Soccer
Maddie Renner – Women’s Soccer
Laura Rittenhouse – Women’s Soccer
Rachel Sauder – Women’s Soccer
Brittney Timmons – Women’s Soccer
Laura Troyer – Women’s Soccer
McKenzie VanHandel – Women’s Soccer
Leah Wenger – Women’s Soccer
Lindsey White – Women’s Soccer
Tarynn Clark – Women’s Volleyball
Kara Durren – Women’s Volleyball
Amy Goodman – Women’s Volleyball
Abbi Hawkins – Women’s Volleyball
Hannah Johnson – Women’s Volleyball
Delanie Miller – Women’s Volleyball
Abby Sherman – Women’s Volleyball
Bethany Shultz – Women’s Volleyball
Ginny Sorrell – Women’s Volleyball
Meredith Stinnette – Women’s Volleyball
Andrea Troyer – Women’s Volleyball

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  1. It’s no easy feat to be a student and an athlete on the college level! Great job and congratulations on your achievement!

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