Fabrice Guerrier, a 2015 graduate of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, has been named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in the field of art and style. Guerrier founded the collaborative sci-fi and fantasy production house "Syllble." (Courtesy photo)

Fabrice Guerrier MA ’15 named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Fabrice Guerrier MA ’15, pioneer of the sci-fi and fantasy production house Syllble, is one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 honorees in the field of art and style for 2021. The art and style winners were selected by fashion designer Tory Burch, supermodel Ashley Graham and artists Kehinde Wiley and Ashley Longshore.

“These young, talented powerhouses have blasted the creative scene with authenticity, ambition and brilliance,” said Longshore.

“I am beyond grateful to join this coveted list,” Guerrier told EMU News. “I couldn’t believe it. My heart was beating. Then a few days after it finally settled. I then realized that me being on the list is indicative of the change and impact I’ve been able to make. That I didn’t get here by myself, many hands and people played a role in my becoming. I am beyond grateful to join this coveted list.”

Guerrier founded Syllble in 2017 to promote and mentor the voices of Black and indigenous authors and other writers of color through a collaborative storytelling process. One of their methods is for writers to co-create a “story bible,” a document with the history, characters, and landscapes of a fictional world that the authors can then draw upon to write their own short stories. 

“The industry and traditional pathways to get published are hard. There’s lack of representation in the stories that are out there,” Guerrier explained. “We are changing the game. Our hope that we can turn their best ideas into the next best TV and films.”

When the pandemic hit, Guerrier had to cancel a series of in-person writers’ meetups he’d planned in partnership with PEN America’s Washington D.C. office. He’s since found another outlet for the production house’s potential. In October, Syllble announced a new partnership with Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters, a non-profit journal based in the Virgin Islands that publishes works reflecting a Caribbean heritage or experience. The organizations will commission Black speculative fiction authors to design and write in a shared fictional universe through virtual collaboration and community.

“Being from Haiti, partnering with Moko is very meaningful for me. It’s a great opportunity to support speculative fiction authors who are black and from the Caribbean,” Guerrier said.

The virtual door is always open to those who want to join Syllble in “innovating the entertainment pipeline.”

“If you believe in the vision to bring more diverse voices to the stage, if you work in the entertainment space or are a fiction writer, then please reach out to me and let’s collaborate and together build something greater than ourselves that can have long-lasting impact,” Guerrier said. “I believe we need our imagination to survive.”

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  1. So, my friend, your “boots on the ground to achieve equality and justice for all” is achieved through the stars…I am so proud to know you.

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