Political science professor to present at peace-studies-focused Jeju Forum in South Korea

Ji Eun Kim, professor of political science at Eastern Mennonite University, will present at the Jeju Forum June 27 on Jeju Island, South Korea.

The Jeju Forum is a program of the Jeju Peace Institute, established as a platform for peace studies and international cooperation in 2006 when Jeju Island was designated as the Island of World Peace.

Kim will be speak in a panel presentation titled “Towards a Sustainable Peace: Restorative Justice and Peace Education,” reviewing recent developments in peace studies in the context of the correlation between peace and justice.

The session is co-sponsored the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Co-panelists include George A. Lopez, professor emeritus at the Kroc Institute; Sang-Yoon Ma, director-general for policy planning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; David Hooker and Mahan Mirza, professors at University of Notre Dame; and Seong-Woo Yi, research fellow at Jeju Peace Institute.

Hooker has strong ties to EMU, having taught during regular terms and at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute. He co-authored the “Transforming Historical Harms” curriculum utilized by Coming To the Table, an affiliate organization of EMU. Read more on this curriculum development here.

Their discussion will address how restorative justice contributes to post-dispute peace-building, and how peace education with more rigorous and innovative programs can help better respond to ethnic, religious, and inter-state conflicts.