Hannah Chappell-Dick was among 90 student-athletes recognized by the athletics department as part of the fall all-academic team. (Photo by Wayne Gehman)

Athletics Department Announces Fall All-Academic Team

Eastern Mennonite University’s athletics department has named 90 student-athletes to its inaugural Royals All-Academic Team. Each of the honorees has achieved a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3.25 at the end of the fall semester.

The Royals all-academic team honors student-athletes who have successfully balanced the athletic and academic demands by achieving at least a cumulative 3.25 GPA. Team members receive a certificate and are also recognized on the athletic bulletin board in University Commons.

Below is the list of student-athletes named to the team, including their sport:

Nels Akerson – Cross-Country/Track
Elizabeth Alderfer- Cross-Country/Track
Sonja Anderson – Field Hockey
Kayley Argenbright – Women’s Basketball
Kyle Armstrong – Baseball
Trey Barrett – Men’s Basketball
Ruth Beck – Softball
Bradley Billings – Baseball
Jennifer Blankenship – Women’s Basketball
Jessica Blanks – Field Hockey
Carol Brinkley – Field Hockey
Jonathan Bush – Men’s soccer/Track
Hannah Chappell-Dick- Cross-Country/Track
Hannah Clemmer- Cross-Country/Track
Melissa Cox – Field Hockey
Nicolette Cuevas – Softball
Mary Beth Danaher – Field Hockey
Patricia Danaher – Cross-Country/Track
Garrett Delph – Men’s Volleyball
Jenessa Derstine – Field Hockey
Isaac Driver – Men’s Soccer
Allison Eanes – Cross-Country/Track
Ryan Eshleman – Men’s Soccer
Samantha Ferrier – Field Hockey
Daniel Friesen – Men’s Soccer
Chantelle Garber – Field Hockey
Jessica Goertzen – Women’s Volleyball
Naomi Good – Women’s Soccer
Patrick Graber – Cross-Country/Track
Derek Harnish – Men’s Soccer
Bethany Hench – Field Hockey
Ryan Henschel – Baseball
Brooke Hensley – Softball
Jordan Hollinger – Men’s Soccer
David Hooley – Men’s Soccer
Holly Jensen – Women’s Soccer
Phillip Jordan – Baseball
Brianna Kauffman – Field Hockey
Janna Kaufman – Women’s Soccer
Rachel Kennel – Women’s Volleyball
Greg Knight – Men’s Volleyball
Lanae Kreider – Cross-Country/Track
Jonathan Leaman – Men’s Golf
Parker Leap – Men’s Soccer
Magdalena Lehman – Women’s Volleyball
Mollie Lehman – Field hockey
Rachel Lehman – Women’s Volleyball
Valerie Link – Women’s Volleyball
Amber Loftin – Women’s Volleyball
Owen Longacre – Men’s Basketball
Karla Martin – Women’s Volleyball
Katie Martin – Women’s Volleyball
Phillip Martin – Track
Ian Mast – Men’s Soccer
Mark Mast – Men’s Soccer
Saralyn Mast – Cross-Country/Track
Brittany McDonaldson – Women’s Golf
Kathlyn Miller – Women’s Volleyball
Michelle Miller – Women’s Volleyball
Kaitlyn Morris – Softball
Austin Mumaw – Men’s Soccer
Joel Murray – Men’s Golf
Daniel Nafziger – Cross-Country/Track
Katarina Napfel – Softball
Carlos Orellana – Cross-Country/Track
Jolee Paden – Cross-Country/Track
Jesse Parker – Cross-Country/Track
Cameron Parks – Baseball
Hannah Patterson – Cross-Country/Track
Alicia Poplett – Women’s Soccer
Casey Racer – Softball
Jesse Reist – Men’s Volleyball
Jessica Rheinheimer – Women’s Basketball
Stephanie Rheinheimer – Women’s Basketball
Travis Riesen – Men’s Volleyball
Sara Ritchie – Women’s Volleyball
Krista Rittenhouse – Cross-Country/Track
Jacob Shank – Men’s Soccer
Aaron Sloan – Track
Kayla Smeltzer – Women’s Volleyball
Nicole Smith – Softball
Joseph Spriggs – Men’s Volleyball
Aaron Springer – Cross-Country/Track
Andre Swartzentruber – Men’s Golf
Shannan Thompson – Women’s Basketball
Kegan Yoder – Men’s Soccer
Andrew Yoder – Men’s Soccer
Alena Yoder – Women’s Volleyball
Tyler Yoder – Men’s Soccer
Michelle Zook – Field Hockey