Naomi Good has started all 11 games for EMU, recording a goal against Trinity. Photo by Wayne Gehman.

EMU Featured Athlete: Naomi Good

Name: Naomi Good
Year: Sophomore
Sport: Women’s Soccer
Hometown/High School: Columbia, PA/Lancaster Mennonite
Specs: ODAC All-Academic Team.  Started all 29 games possible in her two years at defender. Scored one goal this season (as of 10/3/12).

What is your major?  What do you hope to do?

Nursing.  I want to work in a hospital but I also want to do something with missions.

What originally made you choose to come to EMU?

My whole family went here, but they also have a really good nursing program.  That’s what made me choose EMU over other colleges.

What has it been like playing women’s soccer here?

These last two years were rough, but it’s been fun and I still love soccer.  It’s definitely been challenging when you don’t have so many players and you’re part of a rebuilding time.  There are a lot of freshmen this year, so if everyone sticks with it and we bring in more new players, then we’ll have a strong team.

What has it been like being both a student and an athlete while at EMU?

It’s different from high school because I had to learn how to time mange a lot.  I would be busy with soccer, but I would have a lot of homework as well.  I feel that with having the soccer activities I learned to manage my time better so I could get everything done.

Your team’s ability to compete has been affected by a small roster size both of your seasons here.  What has that been like?

I get lots of playing time!  It is hard because if people get injured, if they are sore or have tweaked something, then they can’t always come out.  So we just have to stay healthy and try our best.

What are one or two things you have learned from playing your sport here that you will take with you when you leave?

Attitude is key.  Having a positive attitude about things usually makes the experience more positive.  Time managing was a big one and being able to balance multiple things will help me in the future, especially with nursing.